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raising awareness and funds.

Charity fundraising books with write publish Northern Ireland

Gently nudging your new and existing supporters

Imagine having at your disposal a tool that keeps your charitable cause in the minds of your supporters for longer. A tool that enables them to donate to you that bit easier and, in return, entertains, informs, empowers, and enables your supporters to share your message. A tool that makes a terrific gift, a true way to support your local cause. 
Well, that tool is the Write Publish Books for Charity program. Custom-designed books that can raise funds at the point of purchase and long after. 

Write Publish book for Charity northern ireland

Designing your book.

The features of your book beautifully showcase the services you offer. Your book is designed to keep people engaged, entertained and informed about your charity in the following ways.


  • Introducing your charity.

  • Storytelling.Puzzles.

  • Creative writing. Colouring in.

  • Motivation.

  • Mechanisms to help people donate.

  • Links to your social/online channels.

  • Encouragement to visit (maybe help?

  • Linking to your online stores & products.

  • Plus more.

  • Contact me to get started

Putting your book together

Books for charitable causes in northern ireland

From sources to finished product.:

  • This is the good bit: We look at what makes you unique. We will check out your social media, and we will add your media to make it viewable from your book! That's just the beginning!

  • Your media is arranged; your short stories, about information, what you do, whom for, and notable events are all arranged, illustrated and set to pop off the page, literally at times :) 

  • Embedded into your book are methods for readers to donate to your charity via QR codes, etc.

  • I create your cover, format everything, and then I publish it. Once published in all its glory, it's time to take it to the next stage.

  • Contact me to get started

Promoting and selling your book.
Raise funds with your bespoke book for your charity

Make your book work for you.:

  • Once your book is ready, I set up a blog post that links directly to it and to your charity; ideally, you would set up a page on your website to list your book.

  • I set up scheduled social media posts for your book, pointing to your charity; Those posts will run for several months.

  • Your charity purchases copies of the book directly from Write Publish and sells it with a 50% to 100% markup, meaning you make a good income from each copy you sell.

  • Contact me to get started

The rewards for your charity.
Book for your charity to increase your funding northern ireland

Cost vs Return:

  • Charities do not pay any fee for the design and publishing of the book.

  • You purchase copies of your book from Write Publish at wholesale prices, then sell them at a price reflective of raising money for your cause.  I only earn from this project when you purchase copies directly from me, so I take all the risk, not you.

  • Your charity enjoys promotion, a tangible reward for your sponsors and a new income stream that can make a positive difference to your finances.

  • Contact me to get started

Books For Charity; In summary.

  • You provide any photos, links to social media, stories etc.

  • I collate, construct, produce and publish your book.

  • You pay a wholesale fee for books (direct from us) once they are completed!

  • Add your markup and sell it to your patrons as a beautiful reminder.

  • We help to promote your book through social posting & networking.

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