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Charity fundraising books with write publish

Zero creation cost
bespoke book creation.

What would your charity achieve with additional public awareness and funds? 
Write Publish Books creates beautiful bespoke interactive books for charitable causes, and we totally waive all production fees. This is your zero-risk
 route to enhancing fundraising efforts.

How we design your book.

Write Publish book for Charity northern ireland

Your book beautifully showcases what your charity does and the impact you have. Your book is interactive, blending a paper-based resource with your digital presence. Here's how it works:

  • Introducing your charity.

  • Your stories and successes etc.

  • Your photos, your activities.

  • Storytelling.Puzzles.

  • Creative writing. Colouring in.

  • Motivational aspects.

  • On-page donation mechanisms.

  • Links to your social/online channels.

  • Linking to your online stores & products.

  • Plus more.

Putting your book together for free!

Books for charitable causes in northern ireland

From sources to finished product.:

  • This is the good bit: We look at what makes you unique. We will check out your social media, and we will add your media to make it viewable from your book! That's just the beginning!

  • Your media is arranged; your short stories about information, what you do, whom for, and notable events are all arranged, illustrated and set to pop off the page, literally at times :) 

  • Embedded into your book are methods for readers to donate to your charity via QR codes, etc.

  • I create your cover, format everything, and then I publish it. Once published in all its glory, it's time to take it to the next stage - promoting it.

The rewards for your charity.

You purchase copies of your book at a substantial discount (based on RRP).
Your charity gains a new source of funding and enhanced 
public awareness.

Scroll down to enquire further!

We're here to support your charity/social enterprise.

Getting your new fundraising book up and running takes time, so the sooner you send your enquiry, the sooner you can start enjoying the benefits of your interactive fundraising book.

Books for Charity

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