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Mark McIntyre independent Author at Write Publish


I started my writing journey by blogging back when it was still relatively new, and in about 2010, I started writing what would become my first published book, which was called LIFTu and was published back in 2012.

After that, I focussed on creating online content, but after a few years, I  got back into writing for paper-based publications and haven't stopped since. I've been using the Amazon system for over a decade and have found my way around its functions and features quite well.

I've discovered that loads of people want to write a book, often to tell their story or to create some fan fiction or something more original; the thing that stops them is a lack of support. 

I set up Write Publish, a service dedicated to helping you get your story, skills, experiences and wild imagination in print. The benefits of writing multiple are that it's incredibly therapeutic and relaxing and can be extremely rewarding in terms of making money from your published works.

So that's me, wanting to share my insight to help you write about yours.

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