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My first book published by write publish

You WRITE and we help you PUBLISH

Welcome to Write Publish: Empowering Independent Authors and Organisations with Words!

Write Publish is dedicated to the independent author, aka indie Author, via writing coaching, courses and workshops. Whether you're passionate about storytelling or have skills to share, Write Publish supports you.

In-person, practical workshops in Northern Ireland that help you start, complete, list & promote your book.
Buy a copy of First Word Problems, your complete writing guide, and your workbook. More on that here. 

How to write a book | First Word Problems book writing workshops

Brilliant Books showcases the exceptional works of diverse independent authors with unique stories. Our book promotion service includes SEO-based listing with backlinks to your book sale page, an invitation to the Write Good podcast, a promotional video, and targeted social media posts. These elements enhance your book's visibility and reach a broader audience.

Brilliant Books Write Publish

The Write Good podcast is an invaluable resource for independent authors. The podcast features insightful interviews, practical writing tips, and promotional strategies, allowing authors to gain visibility and connect with a wider audience. It’s an essential tool for anyone looking to enhance their writing career.

Wright Good Podcast

Get Started with Write Publish

By focusing on the pride of writing, exposure through our Write Good Podcast, and the promotional power of Brilliant Books, Write Publish stands as a champion for independent authors. So, let's get your show on the road!

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Find your next Brilliant Book by independent authors (more here).

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