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Books for Charity propels your fundraising and boosts engagement through fun bespoke activity books. Community, Animals, Pets, trusts and projects raise more with Write Publish.

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Book for charity with write publish

In an era where storytelling transcends mere words and leaps into the hearts of communities, a unique service emerges, offering charities across the UK an unparalleled opportunity to share their narratives. Books for Charity combines book creation with the strategic mission of charities, creating a symbiotic relationship that promises to elevate awareness, engagement, and support to unprecedented levels.

The Genesis of a Groundbreaking Service

Books for Charity with Write Publish

At the heart of this service is a simple yet profound idea: transforming the essence of a charity's work into a tangible, captivating book. This is about chronicling your milestones and success and crafting a meaningful connection between charities and supporters. By encapsulating charitable organisations' spirit, challenges, and triumphs in a beautifully designed book, this service offers a novel way to celebrate achievements, engage communities, and foster a culture of greater support and understanding.

A Tailored Journey from Concept to Creation

Books for Charity with Write Publish

The journey begins with a collaborative process, where charities are invited to share their stories, photos, testimonials, and any material they believe encapsulates their essence. From your rich resources, a bespoke book is designed. Your book is designed to maintain engagement while authentically representing the charity's impact by featuring interactive components such as links to fundraising pages, engaging activities like games, trivia, puzzles, and even colouring tasks.

The design phase is meticulous; once the base outline is complete, you're sent a sample (pdf format) for design review, after which, your book is completed.

Investment in Your Mission

Understanding the financial constraints often faced by charities, this service is structured to be as accessible as possible. There is a nominal one-off setup fee that is reduced or waived in particular circumstances, such as you being a community project or local charity, plus the complexity of the book you want to create.

The cost per book is set to ensure you make a healthy profit from each sale, further supporting your projects and initiatives. See work examples here...

The Ripple Effect: Beyond the Pages

The implications of this service extend far beyond the financial benefits. It's about providing charities a platform to share their stories in a way that resonates deeply with current and new supporters. This book becomes a beacon of the charity's identity, a tool for education, and a means to inspire action. It serves as a source of revenue and a powerful marketing tool, enhancing the charity’s visibility and reputation, which can further aid in fundraising efforts.

Join the Movement

Charities located anywhere in the UK are invited to embark on this transformative journey. Whether your cause focuses on environmental conservation, mental health support, community development, or any other noble endeavour, this service is tailored to help your voice be heard louder and clearer.

We believe in the power of stories to inspire, educate, and mobilise. If you represent a charity eager to explore a new avenue of engagement and support, we encourage you to reach out. Together, we can turn the page to a new chapter in your charity's story that promises to captivate and inspire generations to come.

Embrace this opportunity to tell your story, engage your community, and support your mission in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Let's create something extraordinary together.


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