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Magic in the Margins: How 'Books for Charity' Is Revolutionizing Fundraising Across the Cosmos - by Write Publish.

Imagine, if you will, a chap named Mark—a bright spark with an idea so brilliantly simple that it could only be described in terms as vibrant as the cosmos itself. His idea orbits around a book, but not just any book. This book, dear readers, could very well be considered magical by those who still believe in such things, and for the pragmatists among us, let's say it's... almost magical.

Books for charity by write publish northern ireland

The Galactic Charity Problem:

Mark, with enthusiasm as boundless as the universe, approached some charities across Northern Ireland, explaining how this phenomenal book could elevate their fundraising to stellar new heights. Going on to say that the book is crafted specifically for each charity, telling its unique story and mission. Despite being a veritable almanac of engagement and a treasury for funds, he found his brilliant pitch met with more scepticism than a two-headed Squornshellous Zeta beast facing existential questions.

A New Approach:

Perhaps the whispers of 'what seemed like magic' made pragmatic charity leaders hesitant. So, with a newly invigorated sense of clarity (and a pleasantly scratched head), Mark decided to articulate his vision anew without the mystical undertones.

The Book Explained:

  • Tailored to Perfection: Just as no two stars in the sky are the same, each book is uniquely crafted to reflect the spirit and activities of your charity.

  • A Digital-Paper (not magic) concoction: This isn’t just a book; it’s an experience. Integrating paper with digital elements, it connects readers directly to your online presence, be it donation pages or your e-shop.

  • Thirst-Quenching Design: The elegance of the book's design is akin to the relief of sipping a cold glass of water whilst basking under the twin suns of a parched alien world.

  • A Fundraising Powerhouse: Beyond its aesthetic allure, the book serves as a compelling record for funding applications and can be sold to raise direct funds.

  • Engaging Content: Packed to the brim—much like your suitcase on a weekend getaway—with activities, stories, and interactive elements, it keeps readers glued to the pages, eager to learn about your cause.

Will It Work?

Well, the universe, in its infinite wisdom, has yet to decide. But if you represent a charity in Northern Ireland, aiming to boldly go where no charity has gone before, this could well be your beacon of hope and prosperity.


Mark's journey with Books for Charity by Write Publish is an invitation to all forward-thinking charities to explore a new frontier in fundraising. If your organisation is ready to take a leap into a future where your missions are supported not just by traditional means but through innovative, almost magical creations, reach out to Mark. He might just be the wizard you need.

Remember, in a universe of endless possibilities, why settle for the mundane when you could have the magical—or at least, the almost magical? Reach out, and let's turn the page to a new chapter in your charity's story.

Books for charity by mark mcintyre at write publish  northern ireland


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