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from strategy to fundraising.

Books for business and charity and causes with write publish

Actively more positive memories.

At the heart of what we provide is the creation of positive memories, whether they stem from business ventures, charitable efforts, the power of memories to inspire and raise awareness is immense.

Books for Business with Write Publish

Training materials, public oputreach and professional planners to bring your projects to life. 

Charity fundraising books with write publish

Great for all charities and causes looking for a user-friendly and interactive solution to showcase what you do, raise awareness and raise funds. 

designing your book

Book Design with write publish
  • Please tell me what you do, the service you offer, who it's offered to, your specialisations and attractions.

  • Provide photographs and information snippets you have as they help create a more engaging better book and appreciation of what you do.

  • We can then ascertain design preferences and interactive features.

  • Design and implement interactive features.

  • Add smart features, such as QR codes to your online resources.


financial aspects of book creation with write publish

Initial Fee;

  • The initial fee £300 depends on complexity and urgency.

  • The initial fee is payable upon commencement of your project.

  • The fee is significantly reduced/waived for local charities & community causes.

Books (once proofed and agreed);

  • RRP strategy agreed upon.

  • Your wholesale prices ensures you enjoy strong profit margin per unit.

  • Wholesale price is directly related to quantity ordered.

  • Order via Write Publish.

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