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your strategy in print.

Books for Business with Write Publish

you love it when a plan comes together

Books for Business are as varied as your 'demands' from bespoke project planners to business strategy or training resources. 

How does this service work for you?

You provide any photos, links to social media, stories etc.
I collate, construct, produce and publish your book.
You pay a wholesale fee for books once they are completed!

Add your markup and sell to your patrons as a wonderful reminder.

The process of getting your book.

write publish designing your book for business


  • Tell me what you do, the service you offer, who it's offered to, your specialisations and attractions.

  • Provide photographs and information snippets you have as they help create a more engaging better book and appreciation of what you do.

  • We can then ascertain design preferences and interactive features.


  • The book is produced and published with an agreed RRP on Amazon.

  • You purchase copies from us at wholesale prices to sell to your patrons.

  • You enjoy a healthy markup with each sale.

Initial Fee;

The initial fee is £300.
The initial fee is payable upon commencement of your project.

Contact me for more information.

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