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Write Publish is dedicated to publishing impactful books that inspire and entertain. My selection includes fiction and non-fiction books that cover various topics. Explore further by clicking on the covers.

HMP Screwed - Reflections of a former prison officer

Reflections of a former prison officer that take journey that exposes the realities of working wihtin the prison service. On this occasion, HMP Blight, made up of HMP Phantom and HMP Albion. Through the darkness (aka inept manangement) are glimmers of light, your officer colleagues.. mostly. Thinking of joining HMPP? read the book and make a more informed decision.

First Word Problems - write and publish your first book

The ultimate workbook that empowers you to right, publish and promote your book.

LIFTu - Unlock your potential

Break away from the demands of marketing. Be your own person and live your own life. Eat, think and do on your terms.

The Art of a Proactively Mindful Life

How is ancient philosophy relevant in todays world? We break down, compare and make relevant in todays world the ancient wisdom of Sun Tsu.

Mundane Marvels

A collection of humorous poems about the everday life, from making toast to daydreaming about the wackiest things. A short burst of humour.

BOSS Mindset project planner

the ultimate planner for your project. Your goal might be business, work, or play. Perhaps you're building a house or planning big holiday. Take the complex overall plan and transform it into simple daily steps.

Actions and Reflections

Actions and personal reflections journal which you complete over 30 days. Identify patterns and make subtle enhancements to your life.

Mindful Moments

Once a week take a mindful moment of activity that centres you on the here and now. An opportunity to focus and reflect.

Mind Full Of Metal

Mind Full of Metal is a mindfulness book filled with activities for heavy metal and rock fans. immerse yourself in the moment of classic bands, awesome tracks and live the rock and role lifestyle, within your mindful moments of a mind full of metal.

Animalistic Mindfulness

An introduction to mindfulness for younger people. Colouring in, a fun story about friendship and identifying personal qualities.

Colourful Critters - Reptiles and Snakes

A fun series of books for younger people about Reptiles and Snakes. Colour in, discover interesting facts and enjoy jolly stories.

Isle of Wight Follies - Myths and Legends

The diamond island is home to more than just idle gosip, but real stories about the times of lore, of myth, of legend, of gorgons, dragons and thunderbirds. All over the Islend there are mysteries, and this book tells the stories.

COMING SOON! Norn Iron - Beyond the myth.

Big news! We're buzzin' to let ye all know about our craic-ing new project, "Norn Iron: Beyond the Myth!" 📚🌈 It's not just another book; it's your golden ticket to the land of myths, legends, and a wee bit more – all from the comfort of your sofa in Northern Ireland or beyond! Prepare to be whisked away on an adventure where the tales are as tall as the Giant's Causeway is ancient, and the heroes are as legendary as a good Ulster fry on a Sunday morning. 🍳

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